Spiking neuronal networks Cortical plasticity

Spiking neuronal networks

To make predictions or models of in vivo data, one need large-scale simulations of spiking neuronal network mimicking the emerging properties at the network level.

Cortical plasticity

Neurons are modifying the synapses between them as a function of their joint activities. Understanding the molecular processes and the computational consequences of such plasticity is crucial to unravel how the brain can adapt.

Computational Neuroscience

Building blocks of computational neuroscience. Understand what is a neuronal network and how we can model it with the convenient conceptual framework of a random balanced network.


Scripts and Tutorials

Some python ressources to simulate/interact with spiking neuronal simulations. Either you are using Nest, Brian, Neuron or even Nemo, you will find here generic pyNN tutorials to start with neuronal networks.


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