GT data for Strasbourg

In the following section, you will find one example dataset that could be used in order to validate spike sorting algorithm. They have been used to test SpyKING CIRCUS, and a complete description of the dataset is available in the paper ( Every recording is 5min long, and the prb file to analyze them can be found here. This is spontaneous activity of mice retina, recorded in vitro with a 256 Multi Electrode Array.

Note that the data are in raw binary format, uint16, but with a variable header because of the MCS system used to create them. The size of the header, if needed, is written as the padding parameter in the txt file. The juxta trace is located on one channel, but it is also provided as a separate trace in the archive, alongside with the tagged spike times of the juxtacellularly recorded neuron.


  • 20170623