04th Avr 2018

Ground Truth recordings for spike sorting

If you want to test/benchmark your own spike-sorting algorithm, we just released a large portion of some ground-truth recordings performed with mice retina. You can check this out on Zenodo,...

04th Avr 2018

SpyKING CIRCUS is now in eLife

This is a great pleasure to say that our open source software, SpyKING CIRCUS, designed to perform large scale spike sorting on up to thousands of channels is now published...

09th Août 2016


The 0.4 release of the SpyKING CIRCUS is now out, and a preprint is available at on BioRxiv. You can now install it as an open source software. See documentation

27th Avr 2015

The Vision Institute

We recently moved to the Vision Institute, just in the center of Paris, led by José Sahel. This structure combined various approaches, from computational modelling to gene therapy in order...

25th Avr 2015

Brian 2

  We are happy to announce the second beta release of Brian 2.0, developed by Marcel Stimberg, Dan Goodman and Romain Brette! This new version contains important bug fixes and...

23rd Avr 2015

Spike sorting in real time

Together with Olivier Marre, we developed a code to address the problem of Spike Sorting for large Multi Electrode Arrays, inspired from the following publication, and name "SpyKING CIRCUS". By using a...

23rd Avr 2015

Plasticity workshop at CNS 2015

Synaptic plasticity and homeostasis Organizers Pierre Yger, Institut de la Vision, Paris (France) Matthieu Gilson, Universitat Pompeu Febra, Barcelona (Spain) This workshop will gather leading experimentalists and theoreticians to discuss...